Classroom Courses

Industrial Safety Leadership Training in Saskatchewan

Industrial Supervisor Course

This course covers many aspects of what makes an industrial supervisor effective in dealing with workers, workloads, tools and equipment while being compliant to OH&S law.

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Effective communication is vital in industry today. Leaders are often tasked with a variety of communication demands, such as Communicating new or revised procedures, policies or safety initiatives.

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Incident Investigation Workshop

This 1 or 2 day Incident Investigation Workshop provides the necessary tools for supervisors or safety personnel to conduct effective investigations that get to the root causes of incidents.

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Productive Communication

This professional conflict management course which provides the skills necessary to remain calm and the tactics proven effective in diffusing difficult situations.

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Train the Trainer

This fast pace 3 day “Hands – On Experience” training is designed so learners will be in a comfortable environment to develop and present a training session.

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Implementing Industrial Safety Systems

This highly interactive learning platform has learners break into teams to manage an industry enterprise for profit while at the same time, implement a health and safety system.

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