Productive Communication

Productive Communication

Professional Conflict Management

This professional conflict management course which provides the skills necessary to remain calm and the tactics proven effective in diffusing difficult situations.

Productive Communication

This course includes a four-step approach for professionally managed conflict and/or enforcing disciplinary policies, like OH&S Law. The models used are based on real life scenarios in industry settings.

Interactive modules that have participants address conflict from a variety of power positions (ie relatively equal power relations, low to high power, high to low power).

Who should take this program

This course is suitable for all workers; however, it is particularly useful for supervisors, managers, and leaders or anyone who has to enforce workplace policies.

Learning objectives

Step One: Note Your Emotions

  • Learn to recognize your “hot buttons” and identify potential sources of emotion – such as power differences and biases – so that you can control them before they control you!

Step Two: Introduce Your Story

  • Learn to take accountability for your story and state your view of the issue in ways that are aimed at finding a solution to the problem, or in ways that will help you professionally gain alliance or compliance with company policies.

Step Three: Coach Their Story

  • Learn communication techniques for coaching the other person’s story; learn to listen to understand their version of the problem.

Step Four: Evaluate and Extend Options

  • In negotiation cases, learn to come up with solutions to an issue by using both of your stories.
  • In cases of disciplinary action, learn to extend disciplinary options and respectfully enforce them.