Implementing Industrial Safety Systems

Implementing Industrial Safety Systems

Every safety decision counts

Implementing Industrial Safety Systems

An exciting new training experience for managers, supervisors, safety personnel and workers. This highly interactive learning platform has learners break into teams to manage an industry enterprise for profit, while at the same time, implement a health and safety system.

Who should take this program

This course is intended for anyone who:

  • Supervises industry workers
  • Safety personnel
  • Manages industry workers

Learning objectives

Players will learn every element of safety system in a fun, interactive way! Each team starts with a customer contract, workforce units and a stakeholder loan (Industrial Dollar$); but be careful, stakeholders want a tidy profit in the end.

Your teams will deliberate management commitment strategies, hazard assessment, setting targets and objectives, implementation of plans, documentation, contractor management, measuring and monitoring activities, return to work programs, incident management, statistics, audits, management review processes and much more.